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Sustaina Greens is a GreenTech consulting firm that offers technically feasible solutions to assist public and private sector organisations in characterising, evaluating, quantifying, and managing their relationship with the natural world and associated climate risks. We provide integrated industrial solutions that address today’s sustainability issues and adherence to pertinent comprehensive compliances. These solutions cover Ecology & Environment, Biodiversity, Conservation, Natural resource management, Renewable energy, Circular economy, Remote sensing, Sustainable Finance, Life-cycle Assessments, Training modules & Skill-development internships, CSR projects, and innovative product development.


  • Make the world more sustainable by building an integrated green business by offering training, consulting services and innovative products.
  • Our goal is to help our clients optimize their business models by reducing their environmental footprint, and sustainable capital investments.
  • We work closely with our clients to identify problems and provide tailored solutions.
  • We believe in a collaborative approach and ensure customer satisfaction in terms of our commitment to excellence and quality.


We are certified consulting firm, incorporated under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, providing integrated nature-based solutions into sustainable and ethical business practices.


Ecology and Environment

Geotechnical Investigation
Biodiversity Assessment
Tree inventory
Wildlife Conservation Plan
Carbon Sequestration
Greenbelt Assessment
Plantation and Trees Transplantation
Urban Forestry Master Plan
Nature-based Solutions
Sustainable Water Management
Ecological restoration

GIS-based studies

Remote sensing & applications.

GPS-enabled Tree Census

Sustainability and Sustainable Development

Sustainability Reporting
Climate Resilience
Sustainable Finance
Waste and Recycling
ESG and Net-Zero strategy
Circular Economy Strategy
Carbon tracking and accounting
Risk management solution
Artificial Intelligence-based solutions

Renewable Energy based Solutions

Sustainable energy solutions
Decarbonization Transformation
Solar Energy Value Chain Assessment
Bioenergy based solutions
Integrated Renewable Energy based industrial solutions
Biomass estimation 
Green conversion of Agri-waste

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental responsibility

Ethical/human rights responsibility

Philanthropic responsibility

Economic responsibility

Social Impact Assessment

Studies and Assessment

Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Sustainability strategy for industry

Training and Capacity Building

Expert Talks and Lectures
Supporting Educational sector
Customised workshops and training
Collaboration with organizations and academic institutions

Research & Development

In Progress



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We’re always looking for freshers as well as experienced team members who can relate to our vision. Let’s stay in touch for integrated GreenTech solutions & create a positive impact on Nature.

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